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Below is how we calculate handicaps.


Our handicap is based on the last 5 scores played and the above setup is how it determines which scores to use.  We round down to whole numbers to help keep our handicaps as low as possible.
Below is an example of what scores will be considered and which ones will be used.  The next round I play will drop the 34 shot on 9/15 and then only the top three will be used.  I will be dropping a 2 under par round and depending on what I shoot next, I could be adding (at the most) a 40.  That would be a net 6 shot swing.  This is an example how a handicap can make a dramatic change in a single round.

NOTE: we use OLD USGA-ESC ( pre-1993) for adjusting gross (Grs) scores (AGS).

This page was last updated on 03/09/23.