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This site is to inform anyone interested in participating in the
Wednesday night Golf league.

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It's time again for the Tin Cup.  This year we will be playing it on Sunday Sept 18thStarting at 8:00 AM.

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This Week's Scores and Skins!

2022 Team Money List
1. Joe Shetzer 78.00
2. Corey Manns 71.00
3. Bill Tea 62.00

2022 Skins Money List
1. Jack Cooper 206.00
2. Joe Shetzer 184.00
3. Danny Michaels 132.00

2022 Greenies List
1. Willie Woodruff 44.00
2. Brett Johnson 41.00
3. Chris Demith 40.00

2022 Points Leaders
1. Justin Radloff 324.50
2. Chris Demith 323.00
3. Morgan Stanley 318.38

interested in playing Golf
for enjoyment and a
little fun competition.

Wednesday Nights at 5:30 PM 

Green Hills Golf Course, Clyde, OH

Click here for Map to Green Hills


We have a mailing list that informs you of our weekly play,
just click here Email Listand ask to be added.

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